The Fast Track to Failure (Will Hedrick Feature)

This article was written for brokers. by SPEEK CEO & Founder, Will Hedrick. SPEEK is the parent company to brokers. and is a real estate brokerage/startup in Charlotte. Learn more & connect with Will here. Learn more about SPEEK here.

The Fast Track to Failure comes down to comparing yourself and improper time management skills. These two really brand categories have many different nuances within them that we will discuss. Let’s discuss The Fast Track to Failure and what we can do to avoid it. Firstly, let’s define failure. While it may be a little bit different for everyone, I think that failure ultimately comes down to one thing: quitting. Entrepreneurs fail creating products, marketers fail with their advertising efforts, chefs ruin new recipes, and this is what makes them extraordinary. In today’s world it is innovate or be forgotten. Constantly, companies are failing at creating new prototypes, except they are hoping they fail, they have budget set aside for themselves to fall. The largest difference is the idea of falling forward or backwards. You are going to have to make mistakes to learn, it is the only way to fine tune whatever it is you are doing. The largest difficulty is developing the mindset where you can view a failure as a learning point instead of a day ruiner. Don’t get me wrong, losing deals or ruining a brand new prototype sucks; however, those that are able to rebound are those that constantly achieve greatly. Comparing Yourself to Others There is no better way to shoot down your achievements and progress than comparing yourself to others in ways you should not. It is really easy to take all of the progress that you have made - progress you should be extremely proud of - and shoot yourself down when you compare yourself to someone else. Everyone is on a different journey and a different stage of their progress. Everyone also has had different hurdles to jump through to get to where they are today, no circumstances are equal. Comparing yourself can be really unhealthy and disheartening. Sometimes things appear to comes easy to those and are impossible for you to achieve, but remember there is always a lot more to the story then you would know. One of the largest reasons people quit is because of the instant gratification other in your field look like they get. I promise you, it is not as simple as they make it look. Even though comparing yourself to others can be very unhealthy, tracking your progress and comparing your current self to your past self can be really beneficial. Follow the same path as we have talked about time and time again, set micro goals that can track your progress. This is a healthy way to compare yourself, to yourself. Avoid that first hurdle that causes so many to quit and make sure that you are focusing on comparing yourself to the right people and things.

Time Management Managing your time and scheduling is such a broad topic; however it is very important. Frequently, people experience burnout when in the pursuit of their work and growth. This is directly due to a combination of poor time management and scheduling. I take burnout with a grain of salt because it is overused today. There is a difference between burnout and simply laziness that you are confusing with a lack of intrinsic motivation. The latter of the two is the easier one to fix. Burnout is commonly attributed to quitting also because sometimes you can dig the hole so deep, you never want to pursue whatever the project you are doing is again. However, if you are experiencing burnout, there is a simple little tip I can give to anyone to avoid it. Stop f*cking working. There is a point in time when you are going to learn how much time in week is your limit dedicated to work. Your body is like a battery, you have to recharge. Not only do you have to recharge with sleep, proper nutrition, and plenty of water, you also have to recharge yourself with activities that make you happy. Every hour, take 5 minutes to do something dedicated towards your happiness. Call a friend, go on a quick walk, pet an animal, have a snack. This is how you can micro dose your recharge throughout the day. This is how you will be able to work longer hours (if that is something you are looking to do) and this is how you will be able to stay motivated, creative, and happy. If you are experiencing any sort of time management issues, the easiest way to fix these is to set yourself up for daily success through routine and proper scheduling. Everyone has a different way of doing this. I would recommend starting with creating a strong morning routine to set the tone for your day and using your calendar app to schedule out al of the work that you need to complete in the day. That is a broad way of putting it, but most importantly you need to experiment with what will work for you, because what works for me will not work for everyone and what works for you most likely won’t either. Find what is best and stick with it. The Fast Track to Failure sounds daunting and I want it to be. The biggest thing that I have learned over the last years of owning my first business and then working in real estate is that it is just simply to easy to quit. I said earlier that the only way you can fail is to quit and that is 100% true. Ideas evolve and change; passions change too. The worst thing you can ever do is to just give up and settle. The Summary: Time management is required to prevent burnout and to propel yourself into a productive lifestyle. Comparing yourself to others is an unhealthy way of monitoring progress. Instead, focus on setting goals for yourself and that can be what you compare yourself towards, not others. The only way you can fail is to quit and settle for less than you are capable of. Never do that and you will live a fulfilled life full of success - whatever that means to you. Your Friend, WH

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