How I Started my Real Estate Firm: SPEEK (Will Hedrick Feature)

This article was written for brokers. by SPEEK CEO & Founder, Will Hedrick. SPEEK is the parent company to brokers. and is a real estate brokerage/startup in Charlotte. Learn more & connect with Will here. Learn more about SPEEK here.

Over the last 6 months (Originally posted March 5th, 2021) I have kept very quiet with all that myself and my team have been doing while starting SPEEK. The startup process is extensive, but in all of the good ways. We took as much time as we needed to make sure everything that we were creating was perfect. I think that we have done just that. With every revision and late night phone call we are proud to say that our doors are open and we are ready. When branding SPEEK I knew that I wanted it to stand out. The stereotypical name for a company and putting a mission statement along side had been done plenty of times. The prioritization of the company was the individual from the beginning. I talk about this endlessly, but the real estate model is completely broken. Currently, brokerages are creating for the profit of the brokerage itself, not the agents. With the obvious transition towards personal branding and the importance of the individual, it seemed simple to understand where the trend was heading. Since we are focusing on the individual, and agent success I thought towards what makes an agent successful. There is no sales record, connections, or unlimited amount of money that can replace the good interpersonal skills someone needs to be successful in business and in life. Ultimately, I boiled those interpersonal skills down into 5 simple words. Sincere, Passionate, Enthusiastic, Empathetic, and Kind. It is that simple. Those 5 words. If you can start strengthening yourself in those categories you will go very very far in life, and I believe in it so truly I named my company after it. The branding of the company was actually one of the last things I did. I wanted to make sure the company would be successful, not just sound cool in a commercial. As mentioned previously, I knew from the beginning that the agent was going to be the priority. Since I wanted to do something revolutionary, I decided to break down what things agent’s need to be successful. In today’s world there are so many things an agent needs, but I was able to categorize them. Finally, I was able to get 3 categories: Brand, efficiency, and growth. Agents need to be able to brand themselves unlike anything that has ever been created before. Every single person is unique, printing out a brochure and changing the contact information is a surefire way to make yourself look like a rinse and repeat person. Not exactly what SPEEK was going for. Your branding should be just as unique as you are and that’s one of the first things every single agent I hire will do. They will sit down with the media team and set the tone for exactly how they want to represent themselves. After brand comes efficiency. Efficiency is important because agents only have so many hours in a day and can only be in so many places. There needs to be a solution to just that. Thus, SPEEK Solutions was born. Having someone there to do your backend work takes an enormous amount of (boring) work off of your plate. SPEEK agents need to be out making connections and expanding their business, not stuck writing contracts and doing bookkeeping. Speaking of expansion of business, comes our last category: growth. Growth is important for all business. If you are not growing and expanding you are shrinking and getting worse. All of our agents are creative entrepreneurs. The “standard” business of a real estate broker is not going to be the same, and I believe that our agents are going to be at the innovative cusp of that wave. They will be able to meet and consult with business professionals on how they can expand their real estate business into any avenue. So there you have it. An idea and a good brand to accompany it. You are ready to go right? I wish. There is still much more to do. Not only do I have to create all of our first impressions (this is what I call of our marketing and advertising materials), we have to get our legal registration, and create our business plan. Having a company and all is really cool, but now we need to make some money. Now, I’m not going to tell you all of our secrets as to how we got into such an amazing market, but my honest understanding as to how we got so much inventory is that I got lucky. Yes there is plenty of hard work that goes into my success so far, but I do believe I am quite lucky - so I apologize if you were looking for life changing advice. We had an excellent start to the company with plenty of inventory - I need to get to selling those homes so I am going to stop rambling and get to the closing of this blog. For now I could not be more proud of how SPEEK has launched and all of the people who are and will soon become a part of this revolutionary company. Excited is an understatement. We are the forefront of the future of real estate and I plan on setting that brand new standard that is going to shake up the industry. So for now, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this blog. If you aren’t buying or selling, that does not mean you are not noticed. Your continual support means the world to everyone on our team and especially me. Thank you is not enough. That is all for now, off to selling more homes and growing this BRAND NEW company. Your Friend, Will Hedrick

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